Providing insights from all your visitors in the physical world

- Gathering data is easy, generating value from it is hard. Want to know more?

Radically smarter decisions

Our solution can connect a visitor with a mobile phone to any physical interest point, for instance a store entrance. Depending on your configuration, you can use several detection points to monitor the entire customer journey at your location.

While visitors remain anonymous, we gather information like gender, age group, place of residence etc. as well as whether they are new or returning using impersonal cellular data. Fastr will provide you with visitor statistics in any given time period and location, as basis for development and optimization. (All done in a GDPR compliant way)

In the pipeline, we have an intelligent communication module under development. Once launched, you will be able to contact each anonymous visitor when they pass an interest point and, with a consent, start communicating with them in real-time.


A hassle-free solution for your brand


Mobile Solution

In partnership with the mobile network operators, we make this happen without your visitors having to download an app, connect to a specific Wi-Fi network or using Bluetooth.

As long as the visitor has a cellphone with them, our solution will work – completely hassle-free!

Key insights:
- What is the traffic flow like to the interest point and how does it differ during the day and week?
- Where do the visitors come from and what demographic groups do they belong to?
- Are they new or recurring visitors and what interest points attract them?

This information can be used for many different purposes such as campaign evaluation, customer relevance and visit optimization leading to a higher conversion rate and average order value.

Future proof service, based on international standards!

Our service platform is built on international standards and is easy to install, easy to upgrade, and manage over time - future proof and backwards compatible!

The mobile industry will continue to develop their standards (2G/3G/4G/5G) and the visitors will follow with new mobile phones, and our patented solution provides a smooth service. We make it simple for everyone

future proof
  • GDPR - Privacy

Privacy in focus

We have invested heavily in ensuring privacy and GDPR compliance. It is a delicate act to balance technical capabilities with legal compliance and follow digital ethics towards the visitors. 100% visitor privacy is the norm and our commitment!

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